Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Rarely Festive Mean

"Oh, there's more to life than Mean Machine Angel", she said, "...but not much more - not much more."

I can never let too much time go by before I draw/create another Mean Angel pic...and here one is! Many thanks to you who have checked into my little blog in the small time it's been running. That's it from me for 2013, but come back in the New Year for lots more stuff - all in varying styles, no doubt.

Have a grand Christmas/New Year - Cheers!

Friday, 6 December 2013

Gore-tastic Dredd FX...recreated with Puppets!

If you loved the Dredd film with all its stylised blood-letting then check out the above vid for an interesting re-creation...

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Friday, 25 October 2013

Thorin Attacks!

Done around the time The Hobbit movie came out and forgotten about ever since - as sometimes happens. Very Bob Strang, this one (check that hand!)

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Nonplussed Mega Riot

Pen and ink on h/weight smooth Bristol paper - coloured in PS

One of those things that started as a doodle and then just spread - hence the nonplussed Judge face. An experiment that sorta worked...
Started a while back but just recently tidied up and 'finished'.


After a bit of chin scratchin' as to the wisdom of it all, I decided to create a new blog in order to split the comic/fantasy/cartoon illos from the caricature posts. I usually like to keep things 'similar', so that was one big reason, but the other main incentive was that I have specific caricature links connecting to the other blog, so I didn't want to confuse those seeking caricature related stuff. That's not to say you won't ever see the odd recognisable fizzog slipped in here, but it's mainly going to be a dumping ground for pics 'n' stuff from the more crepuscular regions of my noggin'. So if you like macabre/alien/bot/zombie/space/comic-character/fan-art/pulp/gals then it might repay you a visit...

Thanks for checkin' in - fresh stuff soon...

Underbite from the underworld...

Acrylic paint on A4 200gsm Goldline watercolour paper
I've managed to grab a bit of time here and there just for painting and drawing some fun stuff that doesn't involve too much brain power - which is how I like to relax. So it's another look-in for the undead!

I've been enjoying painting a lot recently. Digital is bloody marvellous but if the computer's not behaving then it becomes a hideous experience. I've got a lot of that at the moment, so I've mainly eschewed the virtual and found refuge in the actual - you just can't beat the real thing. When was the last time your paint brush gave you an error message or found that your tubes of paint had crashed? Exactly.

That being said, I should be on for a cool digital vector commission soon (which is rare) and if all goes to plan I'll post it here.

Anyway, back to this post's paint job: coupla progress shots here: